Sunday Showers!

Hi Everyone!


How’s the weekend for you guys? I hope real good!  I’ve been having a good weekend.  I managed to see Carol on Friday night, even though it was shorter time than originally planned and we didn’t get to do chapters or the mall!   But we got to try to find Diane and the gang at Williams and ended up hanging out here at my place after no luck at Williams.  We got to have the opportunity to catch up, and stuff though. =) It was truly wonderful to see the precious hyper chick since we hadn’t seen each other since my birthday last month.  Yeah.  That’s how long. Gee, time flies!


Yesterday (Saturday), I went for my haircut.  I got my short and sexy hairstyle that I sport now!  I love it. So freeing, sweeping, sexy, and smooth, and short.  Did I mention sexy already? Haha.  Isaiah loves it.  I fell in love with it as I saw the results of this new cut! 😉 It’s been TWO years since I had a shorter hair. August 2003 I believe.  That’s like forever eh?  I figured that I’d have the shorter cut now since I have a lot of time before the wedding in May.  My hair will be back to long by then so good stuff!  Haha, don’t worry people, i did have trimming of my hair since 2003. Just that it’s stayed long. Not as bold of a cut though until now! =)


Later on, Isaiah and I went to Masonville to shop! I’m so the shopaholic. You know this too, Carol. You and me are twins at that! Heehee.  I got two new tops and new pics developed.  I like pictures! Hehe.  I also got us 4 new movies.  Isaiah and I are so dvdaholics!  =) Yeah, look at our collection! We’ve been collecting movies since about 2003 I think.  So yeah almost 2 and half years in the making of that!  We watched “Be Cool”.  We had seen this in theatres separately with other people.  So we hadn’t “technically” seen this together. Love Uma! Haha, she’s a hottie! 😉


Today, Isaiah and I are going to see my parents tonight for dinner and to visit.  My parents haven’t seen my new haircut. So I know they’ll love it.  They knew I was getting my haircut because my mom was the one, who made the appointment for me (her hairdresser is MY hairdresser as well).   Oh yeah, Isaiah’s parents saw my new haircut yesterday when we came to borrow the car for the mall.  They liked it too!  Anyways, Alex has left for QE camp this morning (8 AM) and is gone until July 30th (two weeks). Have fun, Alex!  Dylan might come for dinner too. Depends, how late he works today!  Oh yeah, I’ll get to visit the pets too especially, the little devil of a kitty, Shadow. Yeah, that’s the nickname my mom gives the kitty, the little devil. Heehee.  Hope he’s a good boy today! Hehe. 😉


Alright, that’s all your getting of the juiciest today. Have a wonderful Sunday!  Be cool, people! =)






p.s. I’m sporting the new haircut in here too! =)


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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