Wednesday Is A Gem! =)

Hi ya!
Well, it’s umm… late wednesday .time flies!!! Muahhaha.  Just in a giggling mood. Don’t mind me..
Alright, well… Sunday was great.  Visted Isaiah’s parents, and his step-sister Ashely.  Uncle Shawn didn’t come. Oh well.  Anyway, the dog, Angel…. she gets heat (just like the rest of us who are female)–basically time of the month. She has to wear a baby diaper because of this.. and get this… she does get her period! :S.  Okay, dogs do not get periods.  Do even kittens have periods? I leave that for to ponder about!
2 days ago (MONDAY), I went to see my dress with my mom!  My bridal store definitely ordered the same dress that I wanted (and had tried on as a sample months before)!  So i had a trial fitting.  Everything fits so beautifully.  Just one simple alternation (and it’s below the armpits)–just need to be tighten/lowered a bit.  And that i need a invisible hook at the back of my dress for the train (this is mainly for the reception especially on the dance floor).  I just have a small train yet i still want the hook. 
So anyway,  they said they don’t need to do this now. They can do it  6 WEEKS before the wedding. So between now and then, my dress will still be kept at the store.. They do have info with my dress such as my name and the wedding date so no worries.  So I’ll probably go in mid-april of 2006 to do this alternations, and it’ll be good to go!
 I’m so excited!  I had the dress on, the veil and the tiera while I was there Monday, and It felt even more real. I’m thinking about the actual day, walking down the aisle of St. Michael’s Church in my dress, and seeing Isaiah in his tux. Knowing that we would soon be legally husband and wife.  It’s just incredibly truly beyond words!!!   Sorry, I couldn’t take pictures while I was there!… Other brides were there trying on dresses, and it wouldn’t have the same treatment if I had my camera.  So i guess you guys will have to wait until the big day just like the guys have to too!
Anyway, after being at the bridal store… Mom and I went to Fairweathers @ White Oaks… to see if there were any possibly dresses in mind for my girls, but nothing really .  Then we went to the clearance store of Pier One… OOHH!  I ended up getting a wine rack and a set of clear and blueish salad bowls (2 purchases were 12 bucks each). I scored good!  I STILL need blue pillows for our couch in the living room (i guess i’ll have to check out the main POne by masonville another time)!  Then she dropped me off here.  Nothing much else to report of that night… not exciting as i can think of . Bah!
I went to work Tuesday. I love the AC at work! (and love it here at home too!). The heat is just so unbearable outside. I do love the gorgeous sunshine and the heat but being this high of temps is way too much. 35 (actually if you add the humanity, it’s more like 40). Bleh.  Later that night,  Isaiah and I went to Williams Cafe to meet up with Diane (and to surprise her boyfriend Jon in regards of his birthday).  Happy Birthday Jon!  We also saw Alyssa & her bf, Jeff. Other 2 guys which i believe are more of Jeff’s friends.  It was nice seeing them alll.. After about an hour or so being there, we went to Sugar Mountain (by the Keg)… This was a first i’ve been to (at least here in London) and i’m sure all of you know it’s a candy store with EVERYTHING!  So i’m seeing all those things that I used to eat as a kid, and (i still have a little bit of candy crave in me so a tiny kid). Haha.  So i got some. I think the actual FIRST time i’ve been to any Sugar Mountain was up in Collingwood a few years back.  That was cool.   We decided to part with the gang after that.  Ended up going to Blockbuster to rent a couple games for Isaiah (xbox) and two movies for us to watch (which one was seen tonite).  Movies; Hostage (Bruce Willis.. OOHHH)–loved the movie!  and Miss Congentiality II (oh, i know, i’m close to spelling that right). I saw the original movie and i loved it. So I know i’m gonna love it when we watch this tomorrow nite.
Not really much to report of today.. Just work, being home, and enjoying being with Isaiah. Nothing real specatular or newly new to report. So there!
One more thing to say… Carol and I may have our girls night Friday!!! Chapters and the mall… Sounds like us! Love you babe!  Hopefully, this all works out! *prays* I haven’t seen my hyper chick (yeah, i gave her this special name back in HS) since my birthday so it’s been more than a week obviously (actually maybe it’s TWO now).  I miss her!  So yeah, please have this Friday be a GO!
Anyway, I’m gonna trail off to bed… work’s callling me in the morning… but $$$ baby! yeah! So have  a wonderful night, ladies and gentlemen!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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