Heart Warming Sunday! =)

Hi Everyone!  

How’s the weekend treating you? I hope peachy well!  We’ve got the the lovely hot sunshine again! heh.

Not too much is new though.  I visited my mom yesterday.  I went for a swim, and tanned outside too.  Got some results obviously. Have a tan line!  YAY!   Later,  Isaiah and I went to St. Peter’s for the evening mass last nite.  Good service.   We hadn’t gone in like 3 or 4 weeks (mainly because of all the birthdays and stuff going on. opps!).

Oh yeah, I have some NEW cat news.  While I was at my parents, I got to see my baby Shadow. Well, he’s not a baby any more but he’s still a kitten.  Whatever.   So he was around somewhere in the house so  I went for a kitty hunt.  He was found in my parents room. Nothing new there… BUT!  While laying on the carpet floor in the room, he had his paws INSIDE one of my mom’s slippers!   Shadow’s always been a crazy odd kitty but in a good way. So when I found him in that position, i bursted out laughing LOL.  I had to get my mom to see this. She came and she was like how cute. It was definitely a cute and funny moment!  I wanted to capture a moment with my parents camera as I didn’t have mine with me but he ran off before I could do that. 

This was definitely a new trademark moment of the cat.  We always find something new and crazy about him.  He’s known to like H20 (yeah, he’ll be seen walking on the steps of the pond, he had moments falling to the tubby when there was water, dipping his paws in the toilet and curling up in the sink).  He hasn’t yet fallen in the pool or been thrown in, but last winter he was seen walking through the pool when it was all iced up!  In his early baby days, he was up on the roof and climbing up the trees (yeah, this was before we got him declawed).  Scary times!  Oh yeah, another new moment. Shadow curled up with me in the sun while I was tanning for a little bit yesterday as well.  Nice!   

Anyway, Isaiah and I are going to dinner at his parents house tonite.  We’ve also heard that his uncle shawn will be there as well.  This is goin to be interesting. We haven’t actually been able to see any of Isaiah’s mom’ side of the family since we got engaged (they all know about it though!)    So Shawn will be the first of that side to see my ring and to congratulate us in person.   So yeah

I get to go with my mom tomorrow for my dress!!! Yeah, see it, and have my fitting!  All mine Shoudl be a wonderful moment.  I’ll probably get teary eyed again!  But happy onese though!  After, we’re going to this place of Petals and Pots. Probably to get decorating ideas for the ceremony/reception!  Should be fun! 

Oh yes,  I’m planning on getting my haircut again on this coming Saturday!  Getting a shorter cut.  Most likely a shoulder length.  Want to be more manageable and cooler for the rest of the summer.  It’ll obviously be long again later this year.  I want my hair long for the wedding  but because I still have plenty of time, i figure now would be good to have a shorter My hair does grow fast! So  anyway, i’m excited. I found a good hair cut pic for Saturday so it should be SEXY and wonderful!

Okay, I’m gonna wrap this up now. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!! *HUGS*



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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