Sweet News! =)

Hi Everyone!
Some ‘new’ news to spill.. First of all, I am going to see my dress this coming Monday!!! Whoohoo!!!! It was ordered late April and it came to my bridal store on June 18. I wanted to wait until all the celebrations of that month was done, and everything. 
So now, it’s happening. So i’m going to check to see if they got the right dress, have my fitting, and if i only have a little alternations to be done for the wedding then, i think I can take the dress!  It’s obviously mine!  Of course, the dress will be kept at my parents under my mom’s care until the big day in May 2006! Alternations can be done i believe 6 weeks prior to so, all good :).  I don’t want Isaiah to see the dress, and he’s said himself, that he does not want to see the dress itself or see me in the dress until the big day either. That’s a tradition promise that he wants to keep (which makes things easier lol).  Some guys can be sneaky but not him so Yay!  He’s told me this way before we even got engaged (yeah, we talked about the future a lot prior to that engagement moment so I had this in mind all along). So Good plan!
Secondly.  This is funny though.  Shadow (the family kitty) lost his collar over the weekend.  He had his vet appt yesterday, and got a new collar at the petstore too.  This is the funny part.  Guess what colour his collar is now? You’d never guess this. Because he’s a male! Ready?…. PINK!!  That’s right.  Our cat isn’t gay, but my mom brought up a point that since they couldn’t find yellow, pink still lightens up for him when he’s walking at night. So that’s true i guess.  And his new rabies tag (that’s why he was at the vet, to get his yearly shot) is pinky-purple. Goes with the new collar eh?  It’s funny and cute in a way, but it’s a little feminine. Alex wasn’t too happy about it, but nothing much can be done!
Not much else is new. Just have been adding more hours at work.  This week started the shift of Tuesday to Friday with having Monday off (and the always  given weekend)to keep up with my online course (which i’m almost done.. i have my exam beginning of August… August 4).  YAY!  But i’m liking this.. doing this online.. Makes me participate more, and enjoy the course more! I wonder if the university will let me take more online courses, of course if my program offers some.  That’ll be wonderful to do for my last year.  You all know that i’m a computerholic in residence lol 😉 That’s the name my mom gave me i think the beginning of my university life.  haha!
Thirdly;  Jessica!  Thanks Carol for letting me know about Jessica’s new video, love you!  "Those boots will walk over  you" or something like that.  It’s a funny kickass video. Jessica IS hot!  But she’ll remind you of Britney in the vieo of the way she’s wearing and what’s she is doing?  Ring a bell of Crossroads and  Drive Me Crazy?  Kind a mix.  But there’s a car scene in the video that i love ,and she’s sexy and singing!  Haha. I’m obsessed with Jessica! 
Alright. Good enough for now to tide over.  So have a wonderful evening,  people!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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