Sunny Smiles!!!!

Hi Everyone!
Well, well.. this is in a need of an update! So duh!  Lol.  Okay, Let’s date back to Thursday!  Just cuz the previous days before that just nothing wonderful to report on! So bah!
Thursday was my special day.  My birthday, to mark me turning 22!  The lovely year before I get married which is next year!  A married woman before 23 (Just a month before.. whoohoo!).  I had a awesome evening out to celebrate!  Carol came over first before dinner.  She got me this lovely beautiful black candle thingy with a mirror behind it. It’s gorgeous! I want it to be hung up soon! And a wedding planner. Lovely, to keep me in place of what’s left to do! Thanks babe, love you!  She straightened my hair, and Isaiah came home with a dozen red roses for me! Love you baby!  Then we went to pick up Scott.  Then went to dinner at Kelsey’s.  Boy, the service was slow, but it was great, for 4 of us to eat together, and catch up and stuff! After dinner, we went to Jack’s.  So I got to see MORE peeps!  That’s what I was hoping for anyway!  So me, Isaiah, Carol, Scott, Diane, Jon, Micaela, Michelle, Micaela’s sisters of Leah, and Kate and Rick and CJ.  Thanks Rick & CJ for the lovely blue necklace! Love it!  So yeah, got some drinks in there, and an random girl took a pic of me with her own camera.  okay! Got some dancing, and pictures!!!  Lovely!
Friday, we drove up to Diane’s with Scott.  the three of us met up with Diane and Jon.  2 cars!  Lol.  Drove to Grand Bend.  Lovely day at the beach. Got a bit of sun on my face! Great! Just looked around the stores, some food, and some beach time. Pictures again too!  We left mid-afternoon, dropped Scott off and then eventually had dinner at Jon’s.  Thanks Jon for the wonderful dinner!  We were too wiped out to see fireworks, but we’re so close so we heard them. Just didn’t see the visuals! Ah well!
Saturday… Byron!  Bridal shower for Lisa!  Wonderful time. Got to see Emily, Amy, Beth, Lisa, Georgina, Athena, and a couple of Lisa’s HS friends.  I got some extra time with Em before the girls arrived.  yay!  Pictures were taken too through the party!  Gee, everytime i’m going down to Byron, i pass my old neighbourhood and the familariness of STA, and everything that hold of my childhood.   After the shower, I met up with Isaiah at his parents.  celebrated my birthday and Ashley’s.  Great time!
Sunday!!!  A visit at my parents.  I sadly had to return the car after having had it for a whole week though!  But… Isaiah and I went swimming…  For those of you who have been in the pool before, the chloride is no longer there… We have salt water!! It’s been in there for a month now or so.  So we had a lovely time in the pool for about 45 mins or so. Hehe. Yeah, and some time in the hottub too!  Dinner and visit with my family too… so yeah, wonderful!  Got to see the kitty before we left for home.
So yeah, that’s my wonderful news!  Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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  1. Jules says:

    Peeps, leave comments if you read these things! 🙂

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