Sultry Heat Wave!!!!!

Woofing A Hi!!!

How was everyone’s weekend? Hope wonderful!!!!!  Saturday night was so awesome!!!!  There was a surprise party planned for my mother in celebration of her turning 50 (which was on Thursday).  So I got to see my whole family (relatives and cousins, and etc).  I got some pictures taken!

 I did get to hold Brennan again, and got him to sleep for a little while.  Sounds like i still have that baby magic! I remember 2 years ago when Jill had Emily, that i got her to sleep too while holding her too.  So wonderful.  Yeah, i love to be around babies a lot.  Have that baby fever so much, but i know that now isn’t the time for us to start a family yet.   Not for another 2 or 3 years at least.  

The one person that I don’t get to  see very often, and only had seen her around Kings during the winter semester (but we’ve grown up together so we’re close).  Christine!!! So her mom, her, and her brother showed up for the party. The moms are very close too so it would make sense to invite.  So we got to catch up lots, and i got a pic taken with her, so awesome! Hey girl, hope you can make it on Thursday for the my birthday dinner (let’s pray you do not have to work or at least have a early shift)! .

I got to drive the lexus home at the end of the night and i have it until Sat/Sunday!!!!  A week with my car!!! lol.  I love to drive with every chance i can get, and the last time i had the car for more than a day was a weekend in May (i think the long weekend).  So yeah a month.

Sunday was wonderful too. Not as exciting as seeing the entire family, and one of my best friends.  Just dinner with Isaiah’s parents.  Playing cards, scrabble, dinner.   I always have fun with them.  But i swear i’m so like the queen at cards (at this particular game of sets and runs.. i do not remember the name of the game). But i’m always close to winning. The last time we had dinner with them, I won!  I didn’t plan on it actually. I always am having fun with this game, and after many times of playing, you get really good at it.

Then today…just my doctors appt, studying for my exam (tomorrow AM)–wish me luck!, pet-sitting.  Yup, so nothing really fantastic to report as of today :P.  But Isaiah and I might go swimming tomorrrow during the day or in the evening on Wednesday.  We’ll see!

Okay, have a wonderful day!!!!!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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