Early Birthday Smiles! ;)

Hiya Everyone!

So wonderful this week!!! Lovely sunshine, and sultry hot heat!!! Swimming!!!! lol  Anyway,  Isaiah and I went out to dinner with my family on Thursday nite.  Kelsey’s (but it’ll be a different one for my actual birthday though!).  So wonderful! I had two strawberry blended martini’s . I love to drink when i’m out to dinners . So everyone was there.  Mom, Dad, me, Isaiah, Alex,  Dylan and his gf, Sarah.  We talked and had dinner.  Later, everyone was back at my parents, and we opened gifts (btw, the celebration was for me, mom and dylan).  Dylan had turned 25 on Wednesday, and mom turned 50 on Thursday.  I’m 22 next Thursday!  So from Alex, I got socks and chapters gift certificate.  Mom & Dad: mall gift card, a skirt & top, victoria’s secret lotion and nailpolishes.  I get my gift from Dylan later today.   Isaiah ended up giving me 2 of my birthday gift (i get more on next thursday).  I got my new cell phone!!!!!  YAY, I’m finally with Rogers .  And the newlyweds dvd season of 2 and 3!!!! YAY, Jessica  So, I’m going shopping with my mother this afternoon. I get to see more people later

Oh more extra news.. I have the car for the week (i’m most likely driving my beloved lexus home later tonite!!!!!) which means, extra rocking for my birthday Thursday!!!  Of course, pets are to be cared over the week but no biggie. More chances to see my kitty, Shadow . Okay, have a wonderful day everyone!!!!!! Enjoy the sunshine!!!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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