Monday’s Excitement!!! =)

Good Meowing, Everyone!!! *paws up* LOL!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  We had two Father’s Day celebrations.  I guess when you have your SO, everything is celebrated TWICE! hehe. All the more merrier, and funnier! Haha.

So yeah. Saturday, we had Father’s Day celebration @ Isaiah’s parents house. A really fun evening! We had dinner. Lovely Steaks! Yummy!  I could have had another one if more was cooked. Yeah, that’s how good it was. Thanks Scott! (his step-dad).  After that, we played ping-pong with his parents. I haven’t had done that in like YEARS! This was so much fun. I think we put in a good hour of that! After that, we played cards ( I can never remember the NAME of the game) but we play this almost everytime, we’re over there.  Well, I won this time! The game has to do with runs and sets.  There’s like 10 rounds or whatchaever call it lol. Hehe.  They are almost like envious of me now

Sunday, we went to my parent’s.  So wonderful to see everyone. I didn’t get to see my mom the WHOLE week so she was very happy to see me (i see my dad at work whenever I am there).  Dylan came too. So yeah. PLUS, we had my two grandmothers. So that was extra nice!  We had steaks again (i guess, my dad was like we’re having this because Dylan and Isaiah love this!) but they didn’t know we had it Saturday nite. Oh well. Hehe. We don’t have this very often though so no biggie!  Later on, Isaiah and I had our hottubbing time (so relaxing, and it was the first time, I had been in that for months!). Hehe, I don’t even remember the last time I was in the hottub! 😛 Ah well. Oh yes, of course, we gave my dad his gift (and we did give Scott his when we were there Saturday).  We had CAKE TOO! Yummy! 

As for extra news….. MY DRESS is IN!!!!!!! yeah, Michelle (my salesperson of my dress store) called Saturday at my mom’s and she said that it has arrived.  So I think I’m going for my FIRST fitting of my dress early JULY!!!! (too busy this week and next week cuz of birthdays, school and etc :P).  So I can’t wait!!!!!  I love my dress. I mean, I found it in February, and i ordered it in April when i finally decided i wanted that dress, and wow, 2 months later, it’s here!  AHHH! So quick hehe!

Oh, and I get to see my family again on Thursday… the "TRIO BIRTHDAY DINNER".  Yup, it includes Dylan (my older bro) turning 25 (Wednesday), my mom turning 50 (Thursday), and I turn 22 (next Thursday, the 30th).  But it’s interesting that my mom and my brother both have milestone birthday, and 25 years apart exactly heh!

Okay, enuff trails. Should tide you over for now lol. Heehe. Until next time, have a wonderful day! *HUGS*




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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