A Success!!!

Hi Cowboys and Cowgirls! lol *giggles*

The party last nite was successful. It was better than we both thought. We were very nervous before it started because it’s the first we’ve thrown together, and weren’t sure of how things would turn out to be.  But it was wonderful.  9 people showed up, and we had invited 20 people but we knew that  7 confirmed that they weren’t going to make it last minute ,and we never heard back from the remaining others so ah well.  But it was wonderful.  Got to catch up with people, pictures taken, people were introduced to "newbies" lol, and about 3 people reunited after 4 years (HS).  So yeah. Hehee.  Everyone was gone by 12:30 and we went to bed just after 1 AM once we cleaned up.

Another bash is being planned for my 22nd birthday. I turn 22 on the 30th, but not sure if I want it that night or July 1st.   Still working out kicks, and where, and all that jazz.  I hope that A LOT more people can come out. It’ll definitely be a mixed group, and i think more people will be introduced to others. I think meeting new people is wonderful!

On to other news, I went out with my mom to Reitman’s to see what selections they have for bridemaids.  There are two cute ones i found ,and i wanna show to my girls! Lovely!  It’s definitely blue though! All i’m gonna say

And I got my frozen raspberries… YUMMY! I used to steal some from the freezer at home and eat them late when i was online.  Now, i have them again, and they are mine!  I bought them at a special place.  2 packages of those!!! Whoohoo! lol Alright. Enuff new for now. Have a rocking Sunday nite, you all!





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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