Excitement!!! :D

Hi Everyone!!!

Such great news to spill… *giggles*.  Well,  Summers (one of Isaiah’s best friends, and one of my close male friends) came home from his 5 month stay in Australia (he had left beginning of January), and just got home last weekend. We talked to him Monday, and then we made plans for him to come to visit Wednesday nite.  So he was over.  So nice to see him lol.  We had kept in touch over MSN, while he was gone. He had taken zillions of pictures.  So when he was here, he had some pictures to show us.. 10 rolls i think. Hehe. He still had 21 more to get developed. That’s a lot eh? lol. So we should have more to see the next time we have a visit!  Oh, yeah, he got me a dolphin necklace (very cute) and a stuffed kodak animal. Isaiah got a chinese symbolized necklace.  Awesome too.

Oh yeah, I found out last nite!!!! One of my best friends of 5 years (2000), got engaged on Tuesday to his girlfriend of 4 years.  I’m stinking excited for them! *smiles*  They haven’t set a date yet or anything, but it’s just awesome.  They had been in Quebec on vac when they got engaged so yeah.  Very awesome!  Congrats!

The party is TONITE!!!!!  Yup, our friends are coming over to celebrate the upcoming summer, and a chance to see our place.  Lots of pictures will be taken, and more catching up with people i haven’t gotten to see in a while so yeah.  Bawaahaa.  Lol. I’m just hyper so don’t mind me! Haha! I have a feeling that this will be very successful. I will have details and pics probably in a few days (depends if i use up the whole roll tonite, we shall see! )

So yeah, and i’m getting more excited about MY BIRTHDAY.. not too far now lol.  I’m wanting to wait until after tonite’s summer party, and then I’ll work out details, and I really hope that I can see more people the night of my birthday, and around Canada Day weekend.  I’m just stinking excited, and wanting to make awesome kick off of my 22nd! lol.  Kinda of a first and a last thing as well. I say this because it’s my first birthday i’m celebrating as I’m living with Isaiah, and my last birthday to celebrate before I get married next year!

Okay, i’m too bouncing off the walls, so i’m ending this now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Hugs to All!!!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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