June Smiles =)

Hi Everyone!!

Been a few days eh? Lol.  We do have a big heat wave goin’ on. Woo hoo! lol.  Sounds like it’ll be staying sultry hot this weekend!

Just to update on a few things.  Last wednesday, I went out with the girls from work to the Volcano. My dad was treating us to celebrate Professional Adminstrative Day (which was actually was in late April, but no time).   Tammy is progressing in her pregnancy (it is planned). Note that boobs get bigger before the tummy does 😛 Oh ,dinner was wonderful. I had some mango dairini’s. Yummy lol!

Isaiah and I finally went to our church, St. Peter’s on Saturday.  Father Jim who was at my old church, St. Michael’s moved to St. Peter’s last November.  He is the one marrying us next year at St. Michael’s (my parents are still registered there).  All this time,  Father Jim hadn’t met Isaiah yet so he finally got to meet him on Saturday.  Over the past year, Isaiah had been in the RCIA program and we were part of King’s College Monday nite Group (along with St. Micheal’s Wednesday nite group). Isaiah got accepted into the church at Easter this year. Father Chris was there.  So anyway, Father Jim wants us to fill out some paperwork and stuff prior to our wedding.  So that’ll probably be happening sometime in the next couple months.

So yeah, not much else to tell. Just that Isaiah and I are hosting our first party here at our place on Saturday.  We’ve invited 20 people, and about 12-13 have confirmed that they are coming.  It should be awesome!  We’re excited about it!

My birthday is at the end of June… I want to celebrate with all our friends..so i have yet to work out the details and all that, but something will be on!  I can’t believe when I turn 23 next year, I’ll be already a married woman. Crazy eh? Anyways, enuff trails for now. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!! *HUGS* to all!!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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