Babies….. =)

Hey Everyone!! I just wanna share my excitement (and no, it isn’t about me having kids.. no that’s not going to be for a while). However, it does include kids, just not mine! LOL!

Last nite, I went to St. Thomas with my parents to see Cousins Brian and Belinda and their spouses and of course my uncle butch and aunt Ingrid.

Cousin Belinda and hubby Jason had Brady last December, and now he’s 5 months old! He’s getting SO big!!!  I got a new pic of him at 5 months and oh… he’s a natural with smiling.  When they got the new professional pics done of hm, he was smiling at every shot! So adorable!!! Hee hee!!

Cousin Brian and Amy just had Brennan born a couple weeks ago.  Wow, he was sleeping for most of the time, but he kept peeking his eyes out lol. So cute. He was up the later part of the visit, and wanted a lot of feeding from Amy.  He’s just so small.. the little feets, the hands, and wow, he’s just looks so beautiful!  I was so happy to see Amy (she’s just awesome) and i know that Brian wasn’t into kids until he started dating Amy a couple years ago and they had gotten pregnant just a month before they got married last year).  So it was interesting to see how Brian reacts to his son, and he’s good! 🙂

I got pics taken with Brennan and individually of just brennan and Brady before they left to go home (i had brought my camera with me). I had to have pics taken lol!  I didn’t get a chance to hold either of the kids as they wanted to be close to the parents (but i did get to hold brady the last time i got to see him which was back in March).  Hee hee. I hope i see those babies more over the summer! We’ll see!

Okay, that’s all i wanted to share so here you go! 🙂  Have a super day, everyone!!!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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