Saturday Fun!!!! =)

Hi there!!!!

I just wanna write in here of my awesome day yesterday (Saturday).  I spent some time with my mother, firstly here for "tea" time and to chat. Then she took me to my hair appt (this appt was called up earlier this week for Sat) and she went to do some errands.  I love my hair!  It’s a bit shorter as i got a trim and some layers.  Yeah, somewhat between Jenn. Aniston and Jessica Simpson.  I’m gonna let it grow out over the summer, and then get another cut probably in September. I might have a different style. We’ll see! But i totally love my hair now, it’s so much healther now!! .  Then after my hair appt, i went with my mom to the covent Market to look around and to sit and do more chatting!  Then she dropped me off back at my place.

Isaiah’s all wowwy on my hair. LOl.  Well, it’s more smoothier, healthier and sexier LOL .  We just relaxed for the remainder of the day/evening.  I got ready for my night out.. So that’s coming. Hold on! .  So i left around 9:45 for the Barkin’ Frog!

So details of my night at the Frog…. I was going there to meet up with my best friend (and MOH) to celebrate her sister’s birthday, and there were a few others there. I like the Frog. I never had been there before last nite and i think it’s an awesome atmosphere. Hmmm. Maybe a possible location to celebrate my own birthday later in June! We’ll see! .  It was a fun night. I took some pics (not yet developed. I think i believe there’s some film to be used up.. hmm i’ll do that with our place .   I loved being with Carol, and i asked some other people to come out, but unfortunately they couldn’t due to sickness, work and what not. Ah, next time. I want more clubbing nights as time goes by. I wanna have lots of clubbing memories included in my "Summer 2005" memorable!  So  yeah.  Great nite! I got home just after 1 AM (it ended a just a tiny bit earlier than planned because Carol’s sister got trashed too much).  Still though, Great nite! Hee hee!  Oh as for drinks.. i had sex on the beach,  smiroff’s twisted black berry (that’s good stuff!) x 2.  (plus i had the reg. smiroff ice before i went out). LOL. So i was a little bit tipsy when i got home. Just wanted to email and then curl up to bed! .  So that’s that, what i wanted to spill out!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!



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