Lotta Stuff…..

So Hello!

Another blog.  When was the last one?  *thunks* Oh yeah.. March.. uber long ago! Muahhaa. Sorry for delay! Hee hee!

Yup, so you’ll get a peachy long update!  So sit here if you wanna read it! Yum! 🙂

Well.. .i’m done my classes with school.. Just finishing up my exams.. yup 2nd last one tonite and and then my super last one tomorrow afternoon! YAY!  I surely would appreciate all the lucks i could get from you guys!!

More wedding updates…. Carol’s my MOH (as you already know :P) and Diane’s one of my bridesmaids. Dunno yet who’s going to be then 2nd one. Umm…. We got a photographer! 🙂 YAY!  He’s from St. Thomas.  My cousins used him for their weddings and we really like his work. So yea!We’re still searching for the right DJ but we should have one soon! 🙂 My uncle is making the wine for us for the wedding. One red and white at each table for the reception. So that’s uber sweet!My aunt is making some bows for the ceremony, to be placed on the church pews.  So yeah, awesome offer! Oh yeah… I ordered my dress like two weeks ago.  Yup, i get it in December! (Note: it wasn’t off the rack cuz the one i tried on was a sample but it was in my size.. hee hee).  So yeah, it had to be ordered.  I also ordered the veil and the tiera (heh, my dad calls it the crown lol).That’s about all the wedding update to date.  So yeah. So what else??? Hmmm!

I’m moving out on Saturday!!!! YAY!  Finally.. after almost 4 years with Isaiah, we’re finally living together.. and we’ll have a year to do this before we’re married.  Heh ;).   I’m somewhat still packing.. .and everytime, i pack.. I get teary-eyed… you know the feeling.. .your moving… your leaving your room, your house  and your family.. everything that is been uber familiar to me for so many years and i’m going to live with my soon to be husband!  It’s a big step, and it’ll be an amazing experience.

Oh hee hee.  My older brother has resumed his university studies (he took 2 years off).  He only has his last year to finish up.  So i found out this morning… well we both signed up for this one class this summer that is .. Psychology with Drugs and behaviour!! Woah!  A class with my brother..  Surely, it’ll be so interesting!  I’ve never been in the same class as Dylan.  Let alone a class with the guys like Isaiah, Mark, Alan, and etc.

 Amy’s due on Saturday too…. Yup, her baby boy, Brent!  I wonder if it comes out on saturday.. She does have until May 5 to have it out though. I so bad want to see the baby though!  I guess I’ll have to be patient =)

Yup… today’s the 27th…. one month away from our anniversary of 4 years!!!!! Woot!  And 13 months away from our wedding… WOW. Where does the time go? 🙂

So i think i’ve everything here that needs to be said so yup. I’m signing off for now.  More later!

Be Happy! =)


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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