Early V-Day With Isaiah :)

So here is my early v-day celebration with Isaiah!

We had celebrated V-day on Friday night. We went out to dinner, and saw Kinsey movie (that was interesting), and we were back at his house. Exchanged gifts. I ended up getting the movie, "The Notebook" (he knew i wanted it but i wasn’t expecting to get it from him, i thought I was going to buy it THIS friday). So it was an unexpected but romantic surprise  . He also got me the pink teddybear with hearts on it, and mint chocolates. We watched the movie that he got me (yeah, we had originally seen this together in theatres, and fell in love with it!  ). And watched the movie,"Ray". Played a few games of mario kart, and wheel of fortune before going to sleep together (and yes, he also wore me out a couple times that night!  ). It was very sweet to be waking up together this morning or afternoon I should say (it was 1 PM when we did finally get up!). We had just a relaxing day and evening together today (or i should say yesterday since it’s technically Sunday now!  .



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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