Time with my best friend (also my MOH)

Hey There!

Today, me and my best friend, Carol of over 10 years (and she is also my MOH for my wedding) hung out for the afternoon today. It’s so incredibly hard to hang out with her because she’s ALWAYS working (she’s been an housekeeper at the hospital since she was 16) and she has her co-op hours (and when she doesn’t have co-op), she’s in school. So it’s like almost impossible to see her. We have hung out in so long much like an hour or more. We had lunch together on Sunday on her lunch break from work, and she said she had Wednesday off co-op and work so i said, okay, we hang out in the afternoon then.

It was so incredible to see her today. I loved our afternoon! I loved driving to her house to pick her up. Her dad took a pic of us two with the family’s digital camera and with my own camera (i brought it with me). Then we left for Chapters. Walked around a bit. Nothing interesting. THen we went to the mall, and practically visited every store that we liked. She got a top. I saw a couple tops that i liked but chose to wait. I’m going back on Saturday i think to get them. So yeah. So that was like an hour and half at the mall. Then we went back to her place. Put together an surprise activity for her co-op place. Then we played about 4 rounds/game of Need To Speed II on PS2.. She beat me three times but i finally beat her the last time. Then I had to drive home but it was just awesome. The time together was very well overdue so it was great! So i just wanted to spill all this out. I love her so much, and i’m so happy that she’s my MOH for my wedding next year. She is so full of happiness for me and my fiance! Enuff for now. More trails later. Jules

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