2005 Goals

So, 2005 is already here eh?  I get my first pay of 2005 tomorrow (Friday)!!! .  Anyways, I just wanted to list my 2005 goals

  • Moving in together with my fiance, Isaiah (May 2005)
  • seeing my cousin Brian and Amy’s new baby boy in May (he’ll be born then)
  • I want to visit Niagara Falls and T-dot at some point throughout the year
  • more of the wedding plans to be completed
  • having picked and bought my dress by December
  • my bridesmaids to have been fitted for their dresses and on order by Dec as well
  • successfully finishing 3rd year in April
  • to make more than i did for 2004 at Sutton ( my work)
  • spend more time with my girlfriends (Carol, Emily, and etc)
  • spend more time together with Isaiah and the guys (hey, i love the guys!)
  • to visit cousin Jill at least once or twice with Isaiah
  • to have gone to see the Knights at least once or twice before the season’s up in March
  • spend more time with my family
  • wear more sexier clothes heh ()
  • take more pictures!

I think that’s about all.  So yeah, lots of things i want done for 2005!!! We’ll see how i turn out with them!



About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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